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The Social Advert Agency helps you reach your customers in the places they spend the most time – on their favourite social media sites.

Choose pixels,
not paper

Regional newspapers are dying out and more people than ever before get their news from social media – so why aren’t you advertising to them on there?

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A cheaper,
better way

A full page in a local newspaper could cost you hundreds for just one hit. Social media adverts do it better.

  • Reach thousands of people on social media for considerably less money.

  • Run your ads for a longer period of time.

  • Reach new, more varied audiences.

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Feel the impact

See exactly how many people saw, clicked or purchased as a result of your adverts, with results available quickly and easily.

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Only reach who you want to

Social media lets you show your adverts to just the people you want to see them, meaning your budget isn’t wasted on those who’ll never click.

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Switch on, switch off

With our approach, you don’t need to sign up to a big contract or long-term commitment. Instead, you can turn it on and off to suit your business needs right here, right now.

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Sell without borders

Whether you want to reach customers in the next street or across the globe, social media advertising offers you endless possibilities. Take a look at what we’ve achieved for others.

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All companies great and small

We work with businesses of all sizes in all kinds of industries. Whether you’re selling a physical product, a service or even an idea, we’ll create the perfect ad to get the message across.

Marketing superstars

We aren’t just social media experts – our talented team have decades of marketing experience, and use that to get you seen by all the right people.

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