Competitions – a great way to build your audience!

A quick way to get your audience’s attention and gather the data you need is through competitions and giveaways. We’ve broken down how social ads can help you do it, while ensuring your business is seen as trustworthy and reliable in the process.

Everybody loves free stuff

Giveaways and competitions can be a great way to generate conversation with your followers. Not only are you giving them a reason to interact with your page, but your giveaway will be encouraging people to tag their friends and family, or even posting content of their own with a hashtag your business has created (at least, that’s what we’d recommend!).

By using memorable hashtags and asking followers to tag their friends, your content will soon start to spread through social media, providing exposure and brand recognition to your business.

Introducing your brand to new people

By generating strong levels of reach through giveaways, your content will appear on the news feeds of users who may have never heard of your brand before. With a visually engaging ad, some slick copy and a landing page, you’ll be able to entice new faces to take part, which could lead to increased inbound traffic as people check out your website as well as new followers on your social media channels.

Gathering data through engagement

As more and more users interact with your prize-winning opportunities and sign up to newsletters, you’ll be able to see the increase of engagement levels through the insights of your post and the analytics of your website.

Using this data, you can work out who is interested in your business – providing you with the opportunity to build new audience groups for a series of ad campaigns.

The real deal

Another benefit of promoted competitions is the ability to generate buzz and excitement about your business, along with the chance to get feedback on your products.

Not only will the elation in the comment thread give your business the extra brand recognition, but your selected winners have the chance to test your product and give their genuine feedback. People want honesty and clear communication – with this, users will recognise your brand as trustworthy and personable.

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