Market research made easy with social advertising

It doesn’t have to be difficult to run your business online. In fact, it can be made very easy through social advertising. By asking questions and engaging with your followers or with straightforward digital dashboards that gather data, you can see exactly who is engaging with your ads and what they want from your business. Find out more on how you can apply that data to target the perfect audience for your business.

Gathering data with ease

Market research through social ads can be carried out by encouraging users to sign up to newsletters, choose an answer in a poll or provide feedback in a survey. By keeping your ad efficient and easy to follow, users will be more likely to spend 30 seconds or so filling out a form or providing feedback with a tap of their finger.

Think about emails you might have received where they’re asking you to fill out a short survey – most of the time we ignore it, but on social media, it’s easier to hook people in with very simple surveys.

Track every click and tap

You can easily collect quantitative data through your ads via likes, shares, comments, reactions and much more. Ads with a call to action (CTA) that lead to a landing page on your website can provide extra data by tracking the URL through Google Analytics. Recording this information provides data on how users are interacting with your website (check out our other blog on the simple but brilliant adjustment features on social ads).

Reach out to devoted followers and new faces

You now have a sufficient amount of data gathered from your ad campaigns and you can see exactly how your audience are interacting with your website. If you find that your audience aren’t engaging so well with your email marketing or there aren’t as many conversions as there are website visits, you might need to consider running a campaign for your most faithful users or for a lookalike audience.

Facebook Ads has an added feature called Lookalike Audience – it does exactly as it says on the tin. You can apply the data you’ve gathered from your current campaigns to create a new target audience, who may interact better with your content and have similar interests compared to your average following. With lookalike audiences, you can apply the data you’ve gathered through market research and target an entirely new audience. That way you’re still catering to loyal followers with a narrowed audience, but you’re also reaching out to new people who have similar interests to your following.

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