Meet and greet your audience through social ads

Times are changing and it can become difficult to adjust, especially when everyone’s focus flits from one trend to another. There’s an easier way to reach people you want to online – try social media advertising. Check out our top tips on how you can effectively meet your online audience through social ads.

Present your business to the masses

Almost everyone is on social media and that includes your customers. The market has shifted so much over time and now people are carrying out most of their day-to-day tasks and downtime online.

People won’t always come to your business first – you’ll have to make the first move. It may seem a bit intimidating at first, but social advertising has made it a very straightforward and affordable process. You can easily bring your brand online and in front of your ideal target audience, without the added stresses that you would experience with traditional advertising. On social media, there’s no spending a lot of time and money on an ad, only to hope that your ideal audience will actually see it – instead, you choose who you want to target!

Meet your audience in other apps

Reaching out to your audience through ads on social media is great in itself, but you’ll need to think about where else your audience are spending their time on their devices. Utilising Audience Network with Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn allows you to advertise your content on other apps.

Audience Network uses the same targeting and measurement systems as Facebook and LinkedIn ads. Most dashboards will already have it selected, however if it’s not set up all you’ll need to do is select a checkbox – it’s as easy as that! Not only will you be advertising on news feeds, but your business will be popping up in other high-quality apps.

Introduce yourself

If you’re new to the platform, start the conversation. It’s a similar situation to being introduced to a new crowd at a party – don’t stand there awkwardly and wait for them to start talking – drive the conversation.

Apply similar tactics to your social ads – introduce your business, ask questions, and present your brand’s personality. Doing so will increase brand recognition and encourage comments, likes and even new followers.

Two peas in a pod

Another way to generate more exposure on social media would be through partnering opportunities. Both Facebook and LinkedIn provide partnering features through social advertisements.

Working with another company to feature their product or vice versa, can vastly increase engagement with your following. If you own a small business, this would be a great opportunity to work with other local companies, which could lead to building a stronger community online and offline.

Take the next step

Looking to move online, but aren’t sure how to grasp people’s attention? We can help with that. By creating bespoke social advertisements, our professionals can get your business noticed at affordable prices.

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