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We’ve helped businesses of all sizes in all sectors to sell more, reach more and do more with social media. Here are just a handful of happy customers.

A 42% increase in followers for Lister Shearing

A 42% increase in followers for Lister Shearing

When Lister Shearing wanted to promote their new range of shearing combs, they hadn’t considered how paid social may be able to help them spread the word to new customers. We created a bespoke, highly focused campaign to increase awareness and drive more people to their website.

First of all, we created a ‘like page’ campaign, targeted at shearers in farming hotspots throughout Australia and New Zealand, and increased Lister’s number of followers by 42%. We combined this with a campaign to spread the word about the new products, increasing traffic to the Lister website by 33%.

As a result, the company sold more shearing combs in six weeks than they had done in the past 12 months.

1.2 million people reached for Chateau Impney Hill Climb

1.2 million people reached for Chateau Impney Hill Climb

When Chateau Impney sought to bring back a classic motorsport event after 50 years, they enlisted us to drive ticket sales on social media.

After launching the inaugural event to great success and attracting 10,000 people, the pressure was on to make the second event bigger and better.

We came up with two main target audiences – motorsport fans attending similar events and local mums looking for family-friendly activities. Through our advertising, we increased footfall by 40%, and reached in excess of 1.2 million people following pre- and post-event coverage.

A 53% open rate on LinkedIn for Moog

A 53% open rate on LinkedIn for Moog

Engineering giant Moog are one of the country’s foremost repairers of power station actuators, but not many power stations realise they have Moog parts.

To drive awareness, we ran a LinkedIn campaign that went directly to the inboxes of typically hard-to-reach operations managers and technicians, leading to an open rate of 53% and driving new enquiries in a field that typically gets a minimal amount of attention.

A 34% conversion rate for Hoar Cross Hall

A 34% conversion rate for Hoar Cross Hall

Every year, Hoar Cross Hall – a luxury spa hotel – provided a gift card offer at Christmas, offering an added value top-up to encourage people to spend more. However, gift card sales had fallen in the previous year, and they were looking to boost online sales as much as possible.

The problem wasn’t getting people to look at the offer on the Hoar Cross Hall website, as they received a lot of traffic, but getting people to come back and buy was difficult. Therefore, we developed a retargeting campaign using Facebook to tempt people back in with an offer just for social media users. As a result, we generated an additional £20,000 in online sales and achieved a 34% conversion rate.

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